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Bringing people together from all walks of life.

The Community Through Beer Group

The Community Through Beer Group exists as a result of friendships that were created with a cold, craft beer in hand.  While the beer was hardly ever the main topic of conversation, it was always the catalyst as a conversation starter as we dove into deeper topics.  Our concepts are built around the same idea; that we hope you meet an old friend or two, or the flames of a romance are fanned, or a new friendship is born - all inside spaces that are designed to keep your eyes off of the tv and away from the phone.  Our sincere hope is that the person across from you is the best feature in the building.  Nothing is more encouraging to us than seeing that happen daily.

Come & see us at any of our locations!

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Planning that high school reunion?  A birthday party?  A corporate event?  How about a Christmas party?  No matter what it is, we've got you covered with an Edmond location and two OKC locations. We can accommodate parties as small as 15 guests and as large as 650 guests.  Get in touch and let us help plan your perfect party!  More info...


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