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Community Through Beer

The Community Through Beer Group exists as a result of friendships that were created with a cold, craft beer in hand.  While the beer was hardly ever the main topic of conversation, it was always the catalyst as a conversation starter as we dove into deeper topics.  Our concepts are built around the same idea; that we hope you meet an old friend or two, or the flames of a romance are fanned, or a new friendship is born - all inside spaces that are designed to keep your eyes off of the tv and away from the phone.  Our sincere hope is that the person across from you is the best feature in the building.  Nothing is more encouraging to us than seeing that happen daily.


Core Values


We place people above all and believe the sole reason we exist is to benefit people.  We don’t want to just be a place for people to grab a drink or to collect a paycheck.  We want to be a place where people gather, have genuine conversations and learn from each other so that we all grow and make each other’s lives richer. We desire real relationships and believe they are a necessity for a person to be the best version of themselves.  Isolation destroys people, so we want to draw people out of isolation through strong relationships and a sense of belonging. 


We believe that people need and desire community. It is a sense of belonging for people and we believe this does not happen by accident.  Being an active part of our community and doing our part to strengthen it requires deliberate actions and decisions.  We want to be a place where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.  Only then can the conversations had, the relationships built, and the lives changed have an impact on our community. 

Craft Beer

We believe beer is unique to any other type of drink. There is something very communal when people enjoy a beer together.  Beer is a drink that is enjoyed by people of all cultures, races, social status, backgrounds and ages.  It is a true equalizer amongst all people.  Enjoying a local craft beer promotes a sense of community and casual conversation better than any drink on earth.   


We want to do more than just say the right things and hope for the best.  We believe it takes deliberate, calculated and planned action in order to be the type of business and people we want to be.  We strive to intentionally use every moment of our time, every word from our mouth and every responsibility we’ve been given to benefit people around us.  We accomplish this by removing distractions and continuously working on things that help us achieve our vision.


We believe there is a professional way to do everything and that it is an important skill for people to have.  It builds confidence and character in people that will empower them for the rest of their lives.  We understand our business is not a career for most people and that we are just one stop in their journey.  We want to teach and equip people the best we can, better preparing them for their future.


We strive to do everything with excellence.  To us, this is more than just “if you’re going to do it, do it right”.  Striving for excellence is a never-ending journey that results in not only something we can all be proud of, but also teaches us what we are truly capable of accomplishing when we push ourselves towards doing something the absolute best way possible.

Meet The Team

Our Concepts

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