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Improve Your Game & Have Fun

Located on the 2nd floor of our Bricktown building, The Joinery Golf Club provides a unique golf experience like none other in Oklahoma. With local craft beer, cocktails, wine, and more, as well as a shared food menu with The Joinery, we have everything you need for hours of group fun or just a solo 18 holes over your lunch break! Bays are fit for 5 players per round!


We can also accommodate larger events and even host golf tournaments utilizing the event space on the fourth floor with a full-service bar and catering options.  Inquire about events here.


Never a weather delay, always a good, good time.

Play Anywhere

Take your pick of some of the best courses out there at any one of our bays.


Grab some friends or play solo to improve your game.


5 players per bay time. Open Tuesday - Sunday.

On Tap


Contact Us
Contact Us

121 E Sheridan Ave

Oklahoma City, OK 73104

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